Blogspot / Blogger vs WordPress: Which one is the best?

By on December 28, 2014

This is a request and I cannot believe that I am doing this – Blogger vs WordPress
When it comes to comparing Blogger/Blogspot with WordPress you don’t have to ask yourself which one is the best. It is more like what you need for your project and what your future intentions with your project are.
First of all when I say WordPress I don’t refer to the free hosted version ( but to the self-hosted on a domain ( The free hosted WordPress version is the worst decision you can make when you start a blog.
Blogger and WordPress are two very well established content publishing platforms and each has advantages and flaws. I am going point out a few of them below:

1. Domain Name

On Blogger, your address will look something like which is actually the address of a subdomain (the main domain being This is not too good as it is hard for the readers to remember it and it doesn’t look professional. Anyway, in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) this is not going to affect you.
The good part is that it is free, you can start a blog anytime you want without any expenses involved.
Another great thing is that if you decide to buy a domain name later, you can use it with your Blogspot blog and even import all your posts into a MySQL database and use it with WordPress without losing any ranking.

On WordPress as you might know, you need to register your domain (see How To Start A Blog Using WordPress) which implies a cost of about 13$ per year.

2. Hosting / Storage

On Blogger/Blogspot you have 1 GB of storage space and if you connect with Google+ you have an extra 15 GB (which is enough in my opinion). You don’t have FTP and database access.

On WordPress you have to buy hosting (see the costs involved here) and you have full access to databases and FTP.

3. Ownership

Blogger/Blogspot is a service provided by almighty Google. It is nice and free but it is not owned by you. Google runs this service and has the right to shut it down, or shutdown your access to it at any time. This is unlikely to happen but it is something to think about.

With WordPress, things are different. You own all your data, and you control what information you share with any third party. If you cross any copyright rules, you can also be shut down by your hosting provider without any warning.

4. Design and Customization

Years ago it was pretty hard to find a nice template for Blogger but these days there are many to choose from. A big part of them are emulated from WordPress.
You can also pick one from the default templates and simply customize it without any design or coding knowledge.

For WordPress there are also many free templates available. You can also choose a premium or a freemium theme, which are responsive and have many features.
They usually have some customizing options in the admin panel, but if you want to go deep with the customization, you will need some coding skills.

5. Plugins / Gadgets

Blogger/Blogspot has no plugins. It has a decent rage of simple gadgets by default, but there are a lot of scripts (JavaScript) written by users which are great and very helpful. If you know JavaScript you can write your own gadgets.

WordPress has thousands of plugins that can add any functionality that you wish. The problem is that not all the plugins are great. Some of them might slow down your website and they might have big security flaws, making your website vulnerable. There are situations where some plugins are contradicting and can mess up the functionality or even the entire site.

6. Monetization

Blogger/Blogspot is a Google product, so it is easy to integrate with Google Adsense. You can also use other Advertisers. The problem with Blogger monetization is that there are some good Advertisers that don’t accept Blogger sites (no matter how much traffic they have) because of this third party / sub-domain thing.

WordPress is the best when it comes to monetization. You have complete control. You can run any kind of advertisement and all the Advertisers will accept you if you have enough traffic.

Blogger/Blogspot is perfect if you want to write a blog without any strings attached and no expenses.
For example, if you want to start a blog, but you don’t know if it will have success  or if you will have enough determination to write regularly, you can use Blogspot for free. After a year your blog begins to blossom. This is the perfect time to buy a domain and hosting then transfer it and make it yours (it will pay by itself). How convenient is that?
It is perfect for school projects, experiments and all kind of stuff.  I’ve made a lot of experiments myself, especially in SEO and it helped me understand a lot of things regarding the web.
I believe that Blogger is very underestimated by many. It is a very powerful online tool to which everyone has free access.
If you have no online experience and you go directly with WordPress, you might get overwhelmed and frustrated, because WordPress is a little complicated at first.
Anyway WordPress is definitely the pro way to go.
It’s your choice!

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