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By on January 30, 2015

I have received a few question regarding CAPTCHA for excessive posting on Blogger from some confused Blogspot users which sounded something like this:

I’ve posted a large number of articles today, and Blogger is now requesting me to complete a CAPTCHA, for every post.
Is this going to last forever?
What can I do to pass the CAPTCHA verification?
Have I done something wrong?
Do I have to report this problem? I am not a spammer!
Please help!

Ok… So, first of all don’t panic! You did nothing wrong! Now let’s cover this step by step:

Why is this happening?

This happens as a result of Blogger’s anti spam policy. CAPTCHA screening is required, for any new posts exceeding a count of 50 a day. But the counter resets at the end of the day.
S0 if you post more than 50 articles a day, the CAPTCHA screening will automatically appear.

Can I do anything about it?

No. For the time being there is no possibility to skip the CAPTCHA after you reach 50 published or saved as draft posts a day.
If you want to continue posting (after 50 a day) you can do it by completing the CAPTCHA code every time you post something or save as draft, until it resets.

When is it going to reset?

As I said before, the CAPTCHA screening is going to reset the next day, but please keep in mind that the breaking time of the day may not coincide with the local clock of any blog owner – it is according to the server time.

I’ve published less than 50 posts, and I am still subjected to CAPTCHA screening. Why?

This can happen because Blogger’s anti-spam policy is dynamic, and the threshold may vary, depending upon details not being stated.
Also as said before, the breaking time of the day may not coincide with the local clock of the user. It’s possible that some activity from the previous local day might contribute to a count of 50 posts so this is why you might still have the CAPTCHA popping up.
It is also possible that the “24 hour” period is calculated according to a local clock, following a period of acceptable activity. It is a worldwide process for all blogs, simultaneously. This would make the reset period more like “48 hours”, for some blog owners. It is all according to the timezone.

Does this apply to editing posts, too?

This does not apply to editing posts that have already been published or saved as draft. You can edit them as many times as you wish. It applies only to new posts (saved as draft or published).

I know that CAPTCHA for excessive posting on Blogger started some controversial discussion, but let’s be realistic, Blogspot is a blogging platform, right? Ok, so how many blogger posts over 50 articles every day on the same blog?
You either have too much free time on your hands or you are doing something “fishy”:P

If you don’t like it, there is always the option of buying a domain and installing WordPress.

Happy blogging!

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