Common mistakes of rookie bloggers…

By on December 21, 2014

There are many ways to sabotage yourself when it comes to blogging. I am going to show you some common mistakes that I’ve encountered on different blogs, especially on new blogs.

1. Permalinks optimization

The links of your articles are very important. A good link leads you to a better place in search engines and to better traffic.
For WordPress a link like is very bad. So, in order to change that, go to Settings -> Permalinks and change it in anything you like from Default (I don’t recommend “Numeric”).

For Blogspot, things are more simple as you don’t have to optimize it (only if you want to make it shorter). You just have to use a good title.

2. Don’t fool yourself

truth_lieBecause of the excitement and desire for traffic we all tend to fool ourselves. For example, we give a link to our friends and family and we receive some traffic but that isn’t natural traffic.
You need to be found by users on search engines, social media and/or on other websites. That is natural traffic and that is when your work starts paying off.

3. The lack of social buttons

social_media_buttonsHaving social buttons on your blog is VERY IMPORTANT!
If you don’t have visible social buttons on your blog, you are sabotaging yourself big time.
Sometimes templates have build-in social buttons. If they don’t, there are a lot of plugins for WordPress that can add them and there are also a lot of scripts for Blogspot that can do that – I’ve written a script myself and you can find it here.

4. Badly organized posts

puzle_piecesWhen the user lands on one of your posts, it has to be clean, organized and even pleasant for the eye. If the users land on a block of text, in most cases they will not have the patience to read it all.
Use titles, spaces and images. Also try to stick to the subject. Otherwise the reader will get bored and frustrated.

5. Mixed-up content

mizxed_colorsI’ve encountered the issue of mixed-up content on many blogs. For example if you own a cooking blog, don’t make a section of sports on it.
When you start a targeted blog, you will gather a certain category of readers. But if you add another topic, the readers will get confused and you will ruin both categories’ experience.
Also try to avoid general topic blogs.

6. Aggressive advertising.

Satellites_For_Sale_This is a problem which I’ve encountered on experienced bloggers, too. We all want to make as much as possible from our blogs, but if you use aggressive ads is like shooting yourself in the foot. Your blog will be a bad experience for the users and the aggressive advertising will kill your traffic.


  1. BogusBoy

    December 26, 2014 at 4:03 pm

    Sweet article! Thank you!

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