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By on January 18, 2015

This is a Free Stock Image Collection, which you can use in any of your projects, without worries regarding Copyright.
As you might know, by taking images from Google, except for the filtered ones (see the article about Google images user rights) means breaking the Copyright law and in short terms, stealing.
Using filtered images from Google (labeled for reuse or labeled for reuse with modification) is a good option, but in many cases you will not be able to find what you are looking for. So, I’m coming with another solution – a free stock image collection which are royalty free – they can be used for commercial or noncommercial purposes without being necessary to mention the source or the author of the pictures.



Stokpic (Link)

Man-Holding-iPad-In-Front-Of-Face-With-CloudsBeautiful free photo collection organized by categories.

Jay Mantri (Link)

winter_dried_forest100% free photos (all marked CC0). Work magic with your projects.

 ISO Republic (Link)

PS4 ControllerThe images provided by ISO Republic are free to use for personal and commercial projects.

GoodFreePhotos (Link)

indian buffalo huntThis was a recommendation from a bloggerwizard reader. It is a pretty nice free public images collection, many of them being from pretty good to very good. I also liked the categories of the photos even if I wish there to be more.

Magdeleine (Link)

Cowboy ToolsAnother great collection of pro-like photos. The thing here is that you can use only the photos marked as “CCO” –  go  with the mouse over the thumbnail to check it out.

Image Base (Link)

Hands VoleyballImage Base has  a very nice collection of photos on high resolution, which you can use for any purpose and project (commercial or not). They even have a category for PowerPoint templates.

Unsplash (Link)

Open RoadAll photos published on Unsplash are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer or Unsplash. The cool thing about this source is that they update the website with 10 new photos every 10 days.

Public Domain Archive (Link)

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, CaliforniaFree public domain image collection which you can use for your projects. They add new free photos every week.

Photos Public Domain (Link)

Telehone Keypad Here you can also find texture and patterns – all free to use without any strings attached (they are public domain). Many of the images are made by amateurs, but you never know what you are going to need for the next project.

Public Domain Image (Link)

a-close-shot-of-wind-eolians -wind-farmA great collection of  free public domain images. Unlike the previous website, these photos seem to be more professional-like. Here you can also find a great variety of textures and patterns.

Picography (Link)

chrome mercedesFree hi-res professional-like  photos. I love the quality of these photos.

Foodie’s Feed (Link)

homemade sushiThis is a great collection of hi-res food and drinks images. If you browse it for a while, you are definitely going to get hungry 😛

Foodie’s Feed (Link)

macbook air iPhoneA great variety of photos in different formats – all free to use for any purpose.

Jeshoots (Link)

dog_lady_legsGreat photo collection that you can copy, modify, distribute and use even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission and without paying attribution.

Wikimedia Commons (Link)

Painted Cliffs from Tasmania AustraliaThe Wikipedia of media. Here you can find an impressive collection of media files, which you can use for any purpose. The great thing about this Wikimedia is that it grows every day and even you can contribute.

Cupcake (Link)

a fluffy legs on a wooden floorCupcake is a “a photographer’s treat”.  A big free collection of great hi-res “do whatever you want” photos.

KaboomPics (Link)

hand drawing a heart using crayonsUse Search Box, click #Tag under the photo or choose Category to see images what you are looking for. They upgrade their images database every day. If you become a subscriber, you get access to another set of hi-res images that are not available for simple guests.

Designers Pics (Link)

origami windmillFREE Hi-Res photos for your personal and  commercial use. Attribution is not required.

Little Visuals (Link)

lake_and_forestThe cool thing about this website is that if you sign-up by e-mail, you get a zip archive with seven hi-res images in your inbox every 7 days. Also “use them anyway you want” photos.

New Old Stock (Link)

Guy on train vintage photoThis is a great collection of vintage photos from public archives. They are also free of copyright restrictions. I love this website because I’m a big fan of vintage photography.

Gratisography (Link)

Hairdrier blowing a girl's hairFree high-resolution pictures that you can use in your personal and commercial projects. They add a new picture every week.

Snapwire Snaps (Link)

Lonely chair on a hallwaySeven new photos every seven days. They are all free to use and no attribution is required.

Snapographic (Link)

Wall Graffiti - Bang!

Free high-resolution Stockphotos for personal and commercial use.

Pixabay  (Link)

Black ans White Photo of a Classic Car

This is a source for free vectors, free drawings and free photos. You can use any of these Stock images without attribution in digital and printed form and also for commercial applications.

Picjumbo (Link)

Girl reading a bookTotally free stock photos for commercial and personal use.

Tinyography (Link)

Rusted Corona CadillacAll the photos on this website are captured using iPhones. They are all free to use for personal or commercial purpose.

Life of Pix (Link)

old-school-mechanical-engine-leeroyThis free stock image collection is updated every week. They are free high-resolution photos with no Copyright restrictions.

 Splitshire (Link)

autum_forestDelicious free stock image collection for personal and  commercial use.

Travel Coffee Book (Link)

Summer Palace in Beijing ChinaSharing beautiful travel moments. 10 new photos every 10 days. All photos are listed under cc0.
That means you can do whatever you want with them.


Clipart, Patterns and Illustrations:

OpenClipart (Link)

They have a big variety of clipart that can be used even for “unlimited commercial use”.


Public Domain Clip Art (Link)

A very big collection of FREE clipart and frames, organized by category.


Clker (Link)

Here you can also find a great original clipart collection. I find this website to be pretty crowded, but not so hard to make it through.
I like it because it has a building image editor and after choosing your desired clipart, you can edit it on spot.


Wp Clipart (Link)

craftsman_penguinOldie but goodie. Another free big clipart collection.

The Patern Library (Link)

Here you can find a nice collection of very pretty patterns that you can use on backgrounds or for any other purpose. The collection is not too big, but I love the presentation and the fact that you can see how it looks on a full page.


Subtle Patterns (Link)

Here is a huge collection of patterns for which you have live preview. The patterns have a pretty pro look but they don’t stand out too much. Anyway they can be perfect for many projects.

Illustrations: Old Design Shop (Link)

OldDesignShop_ValentineBearIceCreamThis is a great collection of free illustrations, mostly vintage. This can give you so many ideas. The resolution of the Illustrations is pretty big, so you can also print them out and use them in your business.


Browse the above free stock image collection
A blog article with the right images delivers the message to the reader 100% better than an unfriendly block of text. You know how they say  “a picture’s worth 1000 words”.

I recommend you to bookmark this page and come back anytime you need free stock images for your projects!

I guarantee that you will find what you are looking for or even more. Don’t forget that most of the links are upgraded with new photos daily or every seven to ten days.

Good luck with your projects!


  1. Mordecai

    January 19, 2015 at 6:26 pm

    This is pure gold! Thank you!

  2. Bob

    March 19, 2015 at 7:02 pm

    Also check out for thousands of unique public domain photos, especially travel photos. Appreciate it if you could add it to your site.


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