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By on January 3, 2015

This online tool is called Peek and it allows you to see what some complete strangers think about your website, in a five minute-video. This free user testing for your website is made by a user which is following some steps which gives you an idea about how others see your website. Don’t fall for all the critics because they are strangers and they might not be familiar with your niche and they also give you their own subjective (and brutally honest) opinion.
You can make 3 free tests per month, per e-mail, so I recommend you to make a bunch of them so you can compare different opinions.
Another cool thing about this tool is that you can also submit a free mobile testing for your website which will help you to see how are you doing in that area, too.
They also give you the option to share and download your testing video.
To be honest I find this tool pretty entertaining but in the same time very useful.

In order to get started click here.
Insert the URL of the website you intend to test and the e-mail address where you are going to receive the video link.
In less the an hour you will receive the video review of your website.

There is also a paid version of this tool. The difference is that the video is longer and it is made by experts instead of regular users.

Here you can watch a BloggerWizard video test 😛

Do you want an honest opinion?
Go for it!

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