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By on December 27, 2014

Now you are a blogger but how do you know what images are safe to use from Google search without crossing any copyright rules?
Google has a new filter/policy regarding images which helps the web-developers (including bloggers) a lot!
So let’s say that you need a “food” image for an article.

1. You go to Google images an type “food”.

Yay! So many images of food! But you have to filter the ones you can use from those you can’t.

2. Click on “Search Tool” then choose “Label for reuse with modification” (if you intend to modify the image in any way) or “Label for reuse” (if you are going to use the image exactly as it is).


3. Save the image, modify it or not (depends on the case) and use it in your favor without worrying about copyright rules.

This small trick will save you a lot of time and you will usually find the images you need for your project.

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