How to start a Photoblog?

By on December 28, 2014

I have a friend that is interested in starting a Photoblog and he is not very experienced in this all blogging thing, so I’ll try to cover some basics in this matter.
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Before answering the question of “How to start a photoblog”  one must know what a photoblog means.

1st. What is a Photoblog?

A Photoblog is like a website which is focused rather on pictures than on words. Of course you can still write. In fact I really recommend you to do it from reasons such as SEO and connecting with your audience.
Don’t make the mistake of confusing a Photoblog with a Portofolio. In a Portofolio photographers try to show off their best work, but on a Photoblog you don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes. In fact that’s the point, to meet people, to improve and expand your abilities – don’t be afraid to be criticized.

2nd. What platform should I choose for my Photoblog?

If you are serious about this project, I would go with WordPress. I believe this is the best choice when you start a photoblog because there are so many amazing photoblog themes, very nice plugins, and you have FTP access to all your files and pics.
WordPress is the professional way.

Blogger / Blogspot:

It is free and simple to use. You only need a Google account and a photoblog template (which you can find for free on Google).
You can also use Blogger with a purchased domain but with back-end of Blogger.

Tumblr can be used as a photoblog with your own domain or with a Tumblr sub-domain.


Flickr is one of the most popular online photosharing options. This is more of a double-edged freemium option. On the one hand, on a free account you are limited to 200 images that are visible for users and to 300 MB per month. On the other hand, Flickr’s popularity popularity ensures you an audience, which is a great start.
I’m sure that there are other free options too, but I find it hard to trust them.

3rd. Choosing the name of your Photoblog

It is important to pick a good name which will help you build your online identity, your own brand.
Be careful not to pick something too subjective – this can limit you on a long term. For example, if you pick and in time you want to post beach pictures, car picture, etc., the users might become confused because of the mixed content. So, pick an extensive name that leaves room for anything (e.g. your name/

4th. Promoting your Photoblog

Ok, so now you have a photoblog. It’s time to bring in some traffic, right?
The first step is the way you post your work. Name every photo you upload, and make a short description for it. Use good titles for your posts and if you use WordPress, optimize your Permalinks (click here to see how to do that)
Just as in the case of a regular blog, use social media and put social buttons on your blog. Make a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Become active on other photoblogs and facebook groups. Try to post regularly.

5th. Look for inspiration but stay original and creative!

I believe that I’ve answered the question of “How to start a photoblog?” or at least I’ve covered the basics. If you have any questions or addition information, I’m waiting for your comments.
Good luck!

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