PageSpeed Insights: a very useful tool from Google

By on January 8, 2015

PageSpeed Insights is a very useful Google tool for any web-developer. It shows how Google is judging your site.
Go to the PageSpeed Insights and enter the desired URL for testing. Wait a few seconds until PageSpeed Insights analyzes your site. After analyzing it, the tool will generate a report which includes the flaws but also the positive things concerning the tested URL.
In fact you get two reports, one for mobile devices and one for desktop systems and also two grates (one for every report).
In the reports you can find specific links to the problems and suggested solutions in order to fix them.
You might never get 100 from 100 but as closer you get to 100, as better your website is optimized. Try to keep it at least over 50.

Here are some tips to optimize your site and increase the loading speed (and also the grade on PageSpeed Insights):

  • 1. Choose a decent web-hosting.
  • 2.Try to optimize your images, resize them if a high resolution is not necessary. Also try not to use PNG 32 images (with transparent font) if not necessary.
  • 3. Optimize the website background. Use colors for the background or tiled small images (some sort of pattern). Don’t use a wallpaper-sized picture for your website background.
  • 4. Avoid image buttons, use CSS instead.
  • 5. Keep your CSS style sheet as short as possible (delete the unused lines).
  • 6. Merge Multiple Javascripts into a single file. You can find a tutorial about this on
  • 7. Compress CSS and Javascript files. There are online tools that can do that for you like: compressor.ebiene (works both with Javascript and CSS), CleanCSS (only with CSS), Javascriptcompressor (with javascript only).
  • 8. Avoid flash on the pages (like images and video slides, playlists, etc).
  • 9. Avoid redirects.
  • 10.If you use WordPress, try different plugins like GZip Ninja Speed, WP Super Cache, WordFence. It might help with the loading speed.
    Also try to deactivate some plugins that you might think that slows the website down and then run the test (on PageSpeed Insights).

Remember to use PageSpeed Insights after every major modification of your site.


  1. BogusBoy

    January 8, 2015 at 7:52 pm

    THANKS! I get only 67/100 on PC si 54/100 on mobile. Is this ok?

    • Wizard

      January 8, 2015 at 7:53 pm

      It’s ok, but I am sure you can work it up 🙂

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