There are no small Bloggers!

By on October 27, 2015

You are not a small blogger!

Hey you!

Yeah you!

Reading this blog about blogging.

You are NOT a small blogger!

You might be a beginner but that doesn’t make you small at all.
Let me tell you something: You are getting out there, fighting for being heard; this is what makes you brave.
Many starters make the mistake of considering themselves small. By doing this, you prevent yourself from growing, you intentionally keep yourself small and eventually give up.

I tell you this because I’ve been there myself when I first started.

You are the reflection of your own state of mind!

It’s pretty hard to keep writing when your audience is low (usually consisting of close friends and family) and it is not paid, but trust me, if you do this right, in time your hard work will pay off and you will be very proud of yourself and of your work – so, don’t give up!

I’m going to share some tips with you that helped me and are still helping 🙂


Accept responsibility for you own actions. Acknowledge that you’re the only person who can do this. Unless you glue your backside to the chair and finish writing your article, no one else will do it for you.
You also have to accept that you have to take it step by step. You don’t get to graduate from high school and become a CEO. That’s not how the world works. You have to take it step by step and slowly work your way up.

Make some changes! Destroy the monotony!

    Let’s say that you’ve been writing for the past two months and after this time monotony keeps coming in. You start posting less articles and, in the end, you might give up on your project. All this because of the monotony. You can break it by doing some changes:

  • Buy a new piece of hardware – a new keyboard, mouse, laptop etc. will keep you interested and pleased to use them. Even a new wallpaper on your desktop might help.
  • Play with your template – a new template, logo, plugin etc. might also help in boosting your interest.
  • Change the environment in which you are writing. Move your desk, make some changes to your office (paint job, new piece of furniture, etc.)
    Take your laptop and go in a park, in a nice pub or any pleasant location. I personally love to have the morning coffee in a local pub, and write or work to any project of mine – it stimulates my creativity and it breaks the monotony as well.
  • Take a break and/or try something new, but be careful not to lose interest. Long breaks can result in quitting.

Commit to your writing.

Think about how much time you can dedicate to your writing and when. Schedule it, make it a part of your routine and keep at it until it becomes a true habit.
You might also be interested in this article How To Buy Some Time To Write.

Remove distractions.

It is very easy to get distracted. Close Facebook, Twitter or any other thing that can distract you from your work. Also try not to use them when you are taking a break, because you might not get back to writing 😛

Try co-motivation

Another very nice method that will keep you going is co-motivation. Challenge or accept challenges from other bloggers in a word/article race. Everybody involved is going to win, as everybody is going to write a lot more then usual.

Writing will make you smarter and better in your domain.

By sharing your knowledge with others and keeping yourself informed, reading other bloggers, searching for new sources, etc., you are in fact getting smarter and a lot more informed. So, this is a win-win situation. You offer but you also get back a lot.
Be smart! Keep writing, keep yourself informed about your topic, follow tips of blogging (from this blog and others) and, believe me, your traffic will grow in time.

If you have any other ways of keeping yourself going, please share them with us.

Good luck and remember:


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