When is the right time to start monetizing my blog?

By on December 27, 2014

I’m going to start this topic by saying that money is always the best motivation factor that can certainly make you work harder and more smartly.
The truth is that there is not a right answer for this question, because it depends on a lot of factors and it has to be calculated on a case-by-case basis. So, here we have 2 cases.

1st Monetize from the beginning.

moneyAfter posting a few articles your site is going start to have a structure. Now it’s the time to organize things on the page(s) and to add a couple of banners and/or text ads. Try to use “calm” banners with no sounds (because the ones with sounds can be very annoying). I recommend you ads from Google Adsense (Adsense accepts website older then 6 moths) and Infolinks (they accept you on spot, but you have to write 3-5 posts before you apply)
I like to monetize from the beginning because every penny counts. As soon as your pages start showing ads, you start recouping your expenses with the domain purchase, hosting, template etc.
Another good thing about monetizing from the beginning is that your readers will get used to the ads on your pages from the beginning  (it might bother the users if you add them later).
The bad part about monetizing from the beginning is that there are many advertisers that accept websites that have certain amounts of traffic, so you can use them only after building your audience.

2nd Build your traffic first and monetize after.

traffic_chartThis case involves building traffic right right after starting your website instead of looking for advertisers. After reaching a certain amount of traffic (your target) you start showing ads on your site.
Bloggers who choose to do this feel that they can build a larger audience by not including advertisements and other such monetization attempts from the very beginning.
The benefits of monetizing later are that you can focus all your attention on building content and traffic and not looking for advertising methods.
Later, after getting a pretty nice traffic you will be able to find more advertisers that would like to work with you and accept your blog in affiliate programs.

Which option is the best?

It’s up to you! Each option has several reasons that make it the best choice, but each option also has some negative impacts that could cause you to go in the other direction.

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